VANDAL – Tasting Notes

Well kids, it’s about that time of the year again.  That time where I pour myself a beer, reflect on the meaning of life, and describe a beer to you as best I can over the internet.  That̵...read more

Backlash Beer Grit

Grit Tasting Notes

Remember when I used to do tasting notes on all of our new beers? Whoops – its been a while, and since Grit is starting to pop up on taps across the city, this is a great time to start back up a...read more


Outbreak – Tasting Notes

Appearance: Deep golden/orange color with an inviting off white head that sticks to the glass after each sip. Same color as all of the other DIPAs we’ve done so far. Nose: Oh boy. This is a “smell...read more


Catalyst – Tasting Notes

Alright, you know the drill. I post tasting notes for every new beer we release so you guys know what you’re getting yourselves into. But before we dig into the actual beer, let me touch on the ...read more

Backlash Glasses

Changes: Declaration

I’ve never claimed to be perfect. Far from it actually – I’m my own biggest critic. As such, I’m constantly looking Bought NAIL combivent by mail wig temperature when http://ww...read more

Salute – Tasting Notes

Hello Hello Hello- Here we are at another installment of pre-release tasting notes, and I honestly couldn’t be any more excited. You see, usually when we produce a new beer we go heavy on how mu...read more

Famine – Tasting Notes

In keeping with what I guess we can now call a tradition (I've done this for Conquest and War), today I am posting another candid review of our third (and final, in case you missed it) Apocalypse...read more

War – Tasting Notes

A couple months ago, I wrote a post describing what people could expect from our first Apocalypse Series beer, Conquest. Being that our 2nd Apocalypse beer has just gone into inventory at our distribu...read more

Conquest – Tasting Notes

  Alright- So I know a few days ago we published a blog post about the Apocalypse series/Conquest, but it wasn’t crazy-descriptive about Conquest itself. Being that the beer is about to hit...read more

Test Batch – Groundswell 2.0 (Again)

I know I just very recently re-brewed Groundswell for its re-release next month, but after tasting the results I can't help but try to tweak one last thing before we go full scale. It's prob...read more