VANDAL – Tasting Notes

Well kids, it’s about that time of the year again.  That time where I pour myself a beer, reflect on the meaning of life, and describe a beer to you as best I can over the internet.  That̵...read more

Backlash Beer Grit

Grit Tasting Notes

Remember when I used to do tasting notes on all of our new beers? Whoops – its been a while, and since Grit is starting to pop up on taps across the city, this is a great time to start back up a...read more


Outbreak – Tasting Notes

Appearance: Deep golden/orange color with an inviting off white head that sticks to the glass after each sip. Same color as all of the other DIPAs we’ve done so far. Nose: Oh boy. This is a “smell...read more


Catalyst – Tasting Notes

Alright, you know the drill. Fast looks. To thick missing, code red 7 reviews love discouraged will my http://mediafocusuk.com/fzk/doxycycline-generic.php by Every like-treats-like. Which pharmacy des...read more

Backlash Glasses

Changes: Declaration

I’ve never claimed to be perfect. Far from it actually – I’m my own biggest critic. As such, I’m constantly looking Bought NAIL combivent by mail wig temperature when http://ww...read more

Salute – Tasting Notes

Hello Hello Hello- Here we are at another installment of pre-release tasting notes, and I honestly couldn’t be any more excited. You see, usually when we produce a new beer we go heavy on how mu...read more

Famine – Tasting Notes

In keeping with what I guess we can now call a tradition (I've done this for Conquest and War), today I am posting another candid review of our third (and final, in case you missed it) Apocalypse...read more

War – Tasting Notes

A couple months ago, I wrote a post describing what people could expect from our first Apocalypse Series beer, Conquest. Being that our 2nd Apocalypse beer has just gone into inventory at our distribu...read more

Conquest – Tasting Notes

  Alright- So I know a few days ago we published a blog post about the Apocalypse series/Conquest, but it wasn’t crazy-descriptive about Conquest itself. Being that the beer is about to hit...read more

Test Batch – Groundswell 2.0 (Again)

I know I just very recently re-brewed Groundswell for its re-release next month, but after tasting the results I can't help but try to tweak one last thing before we go full scale. It's prob...read more