VANDAL – Tasting Notes

Well kids, it’s about that time of the year again.  That time where I pour myself a beer, reflect on the meaning of life, and describe a beer to you as best I can over the internet.  That̵...read more

Backlash Beer Grit

Grit Tasting Notes

Remember when I used to do tasting notes on all of our new beers? Whoops – its been a while, and since Grit is starting to pop up on taps across the city, this is a great time to start back up a...read more



You may have noticed that it’s been quiet on the blog for a little while – what’s the deal with that? Well, part of it is that we’ve been busy cranking out a few new beers, and...read more


What’s in a Name?

  Sometime’s we think we’re kinda clever with our cute little themes and naming conventions. Most of the time though, we just confuse people. Yea, we’re good at that. So I thoug...read more


Where to Find It – Outbreak

buy custom term paper Hey you crazy bastards – once again we're humbled by the awesome reaction to our latest beer, Outbreak. We've been getting a lot of requests as to where you can f...read more

Backlash Catalyst

Where to Find Catalyst

So we’ve been bombarded pretty heavily with requests on where people can find Catalyst, our latest Double IPA. Surprisingly relaxed found combivent inhaler coupons all… As will all Also va...read more

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Catching Up & New Beer Announcement

Catching Up- Hot damn, it’s been a while huh? After declaring our silent approach to the post Boston Marathon bombing frenzy, I guess we got pretty busy and neglected to keep you all in the loop. So...read more

Backlash Glasses

Changes: Declaration

I’ve never claimed to be perfect. Far from it actually – I’m my own biggest critic. As such, I’m constantly looking Bought NAIL combivent by mail wig temperature when http://ww...read more

Salute – Where’d it go??

expository essay p style=”text-align: center;”>   It’s been about a week since we’ve released Salute, our Double IPA, and all the kegs are sold. Well that escalated quickl...read more

Going American – Salute

It's been about 18 months since Backlash has been selling beer commercially. Damn, where did the time go? Somewhere amidst the endless beer tastings, beer fests, brew days, labeling days, waxing ...read more