ONCEMADE Collaboration

Coming up on the heels of our one year anniversary, we're beyond siked to officially announce our partnership with the awesome dudes at Night Shift Brewing to bring you guys SUPER limited and uni...read more

Humble Pie — Eat Up

adobe acrobat pro download a href=”http://backlashbeer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/cheesecake.jpg”>   Ok, so it’s a cheesecake.  Cheesecake is far superior to pie, and don&#...read more

Diving In

Those of you who follow our blog/progress probably know that a few months ago I became Backlash’s first full-time employee.  Working for a beer company I started was (and still is) a far cry fr...read more

Never-Look-Back: Meeting Garrett Oliver

I’m continuously amazed by how things just happen sometimes. Yesterday I was riding along with a distribution rep on the north shore when he got a phone call.  Turns out one of his friends had ...read more