Blank Bottle


Rye Farmhouse Ale

Apocalypse Series: 2 of 4

War is the second beer in our Apocalypse Series. Each beer is modeled after one of the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse. This Farmhouse Ale was dry hopped with hibiscus leaves to represent the red horse of war, the second of the four who precede the end of the world. Using three different Belgian yeasts, this beer presents classic farmhouse tartness, complemented by earthy and grassy notes.

Available in 22oz bottles and on draft.

Label text: Still reeling from the devastation that Conquest left behind? That’s a pity, because the second brother is on his way and ready to rumble. War is rolling into town on a red horse with a big ol’ sword in hand (and no, he’s not compensating for anything). There’s no stopping this guy so you might as well take up arms and enjoy the fight. Side note: please don’t get carried away and use this bottle as an improvised weapon.

Label artwork by Sophy Tuttle

Limited, 1 batch only