Backlash Salute


Double IPA

Taste:  It’s really hard to groove on the nose of this beer for very long without wanting to take a sip.  The aromas just kind of beg you to partake, so I shall.  This beer nears 100 theoretical IBUs.  As such, you’d expect it to kick the crap out of your pallet and send you home to suck on ice cubes.  Not here though.  The beer starts with that same sort of tropical sweetness you get in the nose.  It’s very soft and easy on the tongue — really enjoyable.  Somewhere around mid-pallet the grapefruit/pine/dank taste creeps in, just in time to keep the beer from being cloying or juice-like.  The finish is probably the only point in this beer where the bitterness really becomes evident, lingering with a grapefruit pith kind of feel, drying you out ever so slightly, begging you to take another sip.  And so I shall.


Limited, March 2013 Release