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“DEAR DOCTOR” But change seeped into the health clinic building, too. Serb doctors in the clinic began to chill toward their non-Serb colleagues and complain of discrimination. Muslims pointed out that although Serbs constituted a minority in the city leadership, a Serb doctor had been allowed to keep his position as director of the health clinic. A few minor incidents ensued; workplace conflicts, allocation of medical specialization positions, and the assignment of free apartments were sometimes chalked up to“he got it because he’s a Muslim.” Serbs alleged that a cabal of “Muslim fundamentalist intellectuals” was active at the Srebrenica health clinic.

Backlash Famine


Single Malt Single Hop Tripel

Apocalypse Series: 3 of 4

Famine is the third beer in our Apocalypse Series. Each beer is modeled after one of the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse. This Belgian Style Tripel was crafted using only one variety of malt and one variety of hop, representing the spirit of Famine, the third of the horsemen who precede the end of the world. The addition of Indian coriander and fresh orange zest add to the spicy citrus character of this beer.

Available in 22oz bottles and on draft.

Label text: In case you hadn’t heard, there’s going to be a bacon shortage next year, and guess who is to blame? That’s right, Famine, the third brother has ridden in on his black horse, bearing his scales and taken away your delicious pork treats. But at least as the droughts set in there will be some Famine to drink, not that it will help in the long run. Food for thought: For added irony, drink Famine during your various acts of holiday gluttony!

Label artwork by Sophy Tuttle

Limited, 1 batch only